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Experimental Induction of Leukaemia in Mice by Benzene and The Effect of Garlic (Allium Sativum) in Protection and Treatment

This experiment was designed for induction of leukaemia in mice by S/C injection of benzene in order to study the pathogenesis, blood morphology and effect of garlic treatment.
257 mice were divided into 5 groups:
1. Normal control group of 15 mice (10 females and 5 male) for normal blood parameters.
2. Control group for garlic extract of 15 mice (10 females and 5 males) was injected by 400 mg/kg b. wt garlic extract by intraperitoneal injection. Read more


Experimental Induction of Local and Systemic Food Allergy Using Ovalbumin in Rats: Pathology and Treatment by Glucocorticoids and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Immunologically mediated enteropathies consist of a group of different disease that is characterized by varying degree of villous destruction in the small intestine. Examples of these diseases are celiac disease and food allergy (Marsh, 1996 and Westerholm -Ormio, 2004). Food allergy is treated in human and experimental animals by using either omega-3 (Nagafuchi, et al., 2000; Nagura, et al., 2002; and Takano et al., 2004 ) or dexamethasone (Krishnaswamy, et al., 2001; Sampson, 2003 and Kamingawa and Nanno, 2004).
The aim of this work is to induce OVA food allergy and to study their pathogenesis, gross and microscopic changes and try to treat the induced condition by using omega-3 fatty acids and dexamethasone. Read more


Green tea treatment of ultraviolet-B ( UVB ) skin carcinogenesis in mice

The experiment investigated the role of green tea treatment of UVB skin photocarcinogenesis with or without the co-carcinogen arsenite. 260 mice were divided into six groups each of 36. Group (1) was control. Group (2) received sodium arsenite in water. Group (3) was UVB radiated. Group (4) was arsenite treated and UVB radiated. Group (5) was UVB radiated and treated with green tea. Group (6) was radiated with arsenite and green tea treated. Read more